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Patterns and Pricing


For general longarm services using a pantograph design, my charge is 2.5 cents per square inch. There are no charges for thread or thread changes (although there is a charge for "matchstick" quilting).

I can provide batting at a cost of $8 per yard or use batting that you provide. If I am providing the batting, I will use either Hobbs Heirloom (white) or Warm and Natural 80/20.  Let me know if there's another type that you prefer.


Please do your best to have your quilt pressed and long threads snipped. Batting and backing should be 3-4 inches larger than your top on all sides.  The extra fabric gives room for my leaders and clamps, and a little flexibility to work with fullness.  

Pattern Library

My digital library of patterns includes the following pantographs.  I am willing to acquire additional ones if you want one that I don't have - they usually run about $10. 

I am happy to consult with you on pattern, scale, and thread selection! Contact me to get started!

 Lather Rinse Repeat 


 Mod Hearts

 Macintosh Rose


 Sleepy Ewes


 Fabulous Feathers


 Belly Bop

  Darlene's All Over






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​I’ve been working on a few things lately- a mystery, an Alaska, a self drafted one for a friend’s mother, and this one. This one is called Indigo Bravo (by Nightingale Quilts). It’s being made as a surprise birthday gift for my neighbor’s father who is turning 90 soon. He’s a snarky old Marine, and we love him like family! I liked the Indigo pattern for its simplicity and how well it works with a solid color scheme. It’s navy, white, and gold, and will be bound in a red - a nod to the Marine Corps blood stripe. To balance the angles (or, at least not emphasize where my 45° are not exactly 45°) I’m quilting in an edge to edge fleur de lis design. It’s soft without being feminine, so hoping that works for this old leatherneck! Completed pics should be added soon - especially since this quilt has a scheduled appearance at Pap Pap’s party! I’ve learned an important, hard to swallow lesson on this piece. I’m a generally impatient person and I thrive on seeing progress. So I skipped some st

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  A lovely customer brought this quilt for me to longarm, but she was worried that a busy pattern would detract from the quilt design. This holly and ornaments pantograph, in barely-there green, does the job by complementing the quilt without becoming a focal point.   Do you have something that needs to be quilted? I will always work with you to make sure that the quilting works with your quilt - in pattern, scale, and color.  PS. She loved it!!

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  Happy Thanksgiving!